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640 lbs Teen Has The Voice Of An Angel

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A New Journey

Watch as this back up dancer breaks the news to his mom that he willbe dancing for Taylor Swift!
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Cat Talks To It's Human

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Entire Southwest Plane Sings Happy Birthday To Paralyzed Girl

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Take it Off, Put it Back On

Amy Schumer strikes again...

Thanks to Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central and some key recent TV appearances, she's the hottest comic out there.

This new video of hers will help cement that hotness.

Ladies, how many times have you heard this: "Girl, you don't need any makeup. You're beautiful the way you are."

This little ditty pokes some fun at that, and more...
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A Lannister Never Gives Up Spoilers

The other night on Conan, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau told some stories about offering up Game of Thrones spoilers.

He plays Jamie Lannister on the show, and off-camera, he's got an interesting sense of humor.

In this little tale, he talks about a random comment about a duck that had fans scrambling for clues and debating its significance.

And after Conan begged a little, he gave up a little something about Dany's dragons...


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Hiccups for the First Time

His name is Buck.

He's eight weeks old.

And he's experiencing his first case of the hiccups.

This could be the cutest puppy video on the web right now.

Poor thing has no idea what's going on, so naturally, he's got to try to scare them away...

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The Last Witch Hunter Borrows from GOT?

Just caught the trailer for Vin Diesel's upcoming supernatural thriller, The Last Witch Hunter.

It's due for release this October, so starting the teaser trailers six months out sounds about right.

But watching it, I couldn't help but think about Game of Thrones.

Several of the sets are reminiscent of the sets from GOT, plus Rose Leslie appears to be playing Vin's sidekick.

That would be Rose Leslie, who played Ygritte, the wilding woman with whom Jon Snow fell in love.

Sure, it's based in modern-day New York, but watch it and tell me you don't see the GOT overtones.

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Clever Fox, Mutant Fox?

A crew from Radio Free Europe visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the Ukraine recently was greeted by a fox.

The fox looked thin, so the folks decided to offer it some food - sausage and bread.

Watch the video as the fox picks up the ingredients to make a five-decker sandwich which he carted away.

Looks like the nuclear disaster may have caused a genetic mutation, giving this fox the superpower of sandwich-making.

How long before we see X-Foxes in theaters?

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And the Winner is...

The Kentucky Derby - the hottest thing going in American horse racing - will run tomorrow.

The field is strong, but this year, there are no obvious front-runners.

So what's a betting person to do when it comes to placing a bet?

Why not ask Jimmy Fallon - because he's got the Puppy Predictors on his side.

Check out the video of a group of 16 puppies, each representing a Derby entrant, racing to the finish line - a trough of kibble.

You may bet accordingly. Keep an eye out - there's a sleeper or two in this bunch.

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