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Truly the Time of Their Lives

James Corden is starting to grow on me as a perfectly fine late night television host on The Late Late Show.

He's a decent joketeller, and handles interviews well.

But some of the stunts and skits he puts together and pulls off are as good as some of the things Jimmy Fallon's doing on The Tonight Show.

Check out this little farewell he did with Idina Menzel at the end of last week.

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Awkward with a Capital Awk

Danielle Perez dreamed of being a contestant on The Price is Right.

That happened.

She dreamed of winning and getting onto a showcase.

That happened too.

And then she won the showcase too - featuring a sauna and a treadmill.


Except Danielle has no legs and is in a wheelchair.

You think maybe the folks at TPIR could have taken a moment to switch out the showcase...?


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That Was Then, This is Later

David Letterman is wrapping up his 33-year career in late night television this month, so a lot of A-list guests are being crammed into the final shows.

Steve Martin is one of them - a frequent guest and friend of Dave's.

He visited the Late Show with David Letterman a couple of days ago, and showed a couple of videos he'd compiled as an homage to his friend - one showing selections from his past, and one showing what his life will be like post-retirement.

Grab the tissues, folks!

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More Than Words - Take 2

Earlier this week on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black did a shot-for-shot recreation of the music video for Extreme's "More Than Words."

They do a pretty decent job with the song. Check it out.


It's even more impressive when you compare it to the original. Pretty amazing.

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May the Geek Be With You

Monday, May 4th is semi-officially designated as Star Wars Day.

Why? Because "May the Fourth" Be With You.

Get it?

Anyway, to celebrate, a group of fans built an $800 Lego Star Destroyer, and then destroyed it, dropping it nose-first onto a floor while filming the destruction in slow motion.

They even point out the demise of the Imperial representatives aboard the craft.

Yup, that's Geek to the Ultimate Power.

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Um, What the HECK Just Happened?

Imagine you're minding your own business, maybe driving down the street, maybe taking a walking tour of historic Boston...

And suddenly, some guy in this tighty whities and maybe a pair of shoes starts dancing in a semi-insane manner in front of you.

That's what happened in some towns in Massachusetts while a band called Binary Finary recorded what appears to be a music video...?

Give it a look - just be careful that no one important's looking over your shoulder.

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Punch Out!

If you missed the fight last night this will sum it up. If you did you'll have a good laugh. Floyd Mayweather's PUNCH-OUT!!Follow -> DOPE MAG Credit & Follow -> Tommy Toe HoldCredit & Support -> Noober Goober Gaming Youtube ->

Posted by DOPE MAG on Sunday, May 3, 2015
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Kids React To The Apple Watch

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Don't Mess With Karate Kid Jess

Wow seriously amazing and intimidating!
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Giant Star Wars Lego Ship Destroyed In Slow Motion

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