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From insights on the latest styles to gossip on celebrity fashionto easy tips and tricks to make your look exciting and affordable, Style Fyle has it all. Check it out below!

Denver To Celebrate International Women’s Day With 303Fem Event

International Women's Day is a holiday that has been observed since the 1900s. Since, this day has become an annual celebration across the world. Women have gathered for years to disucss the advancement of women, equality and to celebrate the achievements of women. Events take place everywhere from Brazil to Chicago, but 303 Magazine's 303Fem event is the only women's day celebration in Denver.

Click here for more info and I'll see you there!
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Ladies, Try These 10 Simple Beauty Tricks

I found ten simple beauty tricks, see them here
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Denise Plante Found A New Clucth

LOVE this new clutch I just got from LA Luis Alexander Diaz.  I fell in love with this color, you will be able to find whatever color you wish.  I saw a gorgeous red one that would be perfect for Valentines Day.

Check out the website to view line.
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Dr. Robinson Cosmetic Surgery Offers KOSI Valentine's Speicals

HOLY SMOKES!!  My friend Dr. Robinson from Robinson Cosmetic Surgery just sent me an email and is doing a Valentines special for KOSI 101.1 listeners:
“Love yourself, feel good and look good this Valentines Day"
$9 per unit botox
$495 Juvederm
Special good for the month of February.
Injections will be done by their Allergan-trained RNs.
Call Robinson Cosmetic Surgery today!!  720-465-5668
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Hair Artist And Master Barber Rob The Original

It's crazy what this dude can do! He mixes his art with his job, being a barber and Voila!! He can shave and fade any pic you want. Some examples are celeb pics like Kim Kardashian, sports figures like Lebron James to Ninja Turtles for kids. YOU MUST check out his work.   

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