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From insights on the latest styles to gossip on celebrity fashionto easy tips and tricks to make your look exciting and affordable, Style Fyle has it all. Check it out below!

Hair Artist And Master Barber Rob The Original

It's crazy what this dude can do! He mixes his art with his job, being a barber and Voila!! He can shave and fade any pic you want. Some examples are celeb pics like Kim Kardashian, sports figures like Lebron James to Ninja Turtles for kids. YOU MUST check out his work.

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Denise Plante Tries Thermage

I LOVE it! I tried Thermage over the weekend to tightened and firm my face and chin, I'm already seeing the results. It takes about 2 months to really see the overall results, but I could tell immediately after the treatment that it worked. I can't wait to see over the next few weeks how much firmer and tighter my skin will get. Thermage addresses the visible signs of aging, toning those trouble areas in just one treatment — no surgery, just naturally younger looking skin that can take years off your appearance. I'm 42 and feel like my chin is dropping, the skin is getting loose. I didn't want to go under the knife, so I looked in to Thermage. I'm very excited about results so far and will keep you updated. Here's a video to show you how it works. No downtime....I actually went out to a karaoke bar the same night...ha!!

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DIY: Simple At-Home Facial for Less Than $2

Facials are great, but can add up and empty your pocket book. Here is a simple facial that you can do at home to tighten and firm you skin and it costs less than $2.00.

2 teaspoons of plain yogurt and squeeze lemon juice from 1 lemon in a bowl. Add all over your face and neck, you will feel it tightening. Let it dry on your face for about 30 mins, leave it for an hour for even more firming effects. You can do this 2-3 times a week and will not only see your skin firming, but it will also help even out your skin tone and fade brown spots.
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Tips On Choosing Right Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

I was recently asked at what age should women stop wearing dark lipstick, like the color red. When I wear red lipstick, I go really light with my eye makeup. Sometimes I wear just eyeliner and mascara with dark lipstick. I'm 42 and still rock the red at times, however I don't often. I've figured out that light lipstick makes you look younger. I did a little research and found out that what lipstick may look good on me, may not compliment others because of skin tone.

Read this article to find out HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT LIPSTICK FOR YOUR SKIN TONE, I found it to be very helpful.

As far as age? I feel if you do it with class and not overdone, you can wear it at any age. As long as it makes you feel good and you go light on the rest of your makeup.
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WATCH: Flipbelt Keeps Phone Near While Working Out

One of my biggest challenges when I workout is where do I put my phone, ipod or keys? I saw this really cool video online and think I'm going to try it to see if it really works! It's called the Flipbelt and it keeps your belongings with you while your working out.

I like it because it's stylish, not a bulky pack. It's made out of spandex-lycra blend and stays firmly around your waist, no jiggling or bouncing while you're running.

Watch the video and tell me what you think. I'm going to order one and I'll let you know if it really works like it says it does.
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Denise Plante Finds a Versatile Sweater for Winter, Spring or Fall

Normally I HATE to take selfies, but today I wanted to feature the sweater I'm wearing from Mariel. It's a beautiful grey fur sweater that you can wear in winter, spring or fall. You can wear it over a dress, slacks or casual with jeans. It really is a versatile and funky looking sweater.....I love it!

Mariel is located in Cherry Creek and Denise Snyder is the owner, you can call her and ask her more details about it, 3000 East 3rd Avenue #8, Denver, CO 80206
(303) 623-1151
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Hot Hair Trend for 2015 The SWAG

The 2015 hot hair trend is THE SWAG. Here's the best part, the messier the better! It's a modern day version of the shag, but with bangs.

Click here and watch how to style the SWAG.
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Bring Back the Fanny Pack!

If you could bring back one item from the 80's what would it be? Oscar winner Jared Leto is bringing back the fanny pack! You can buy it in black or red for only $32...what a deal ;)

Click here and check it out.
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Create and Print Your Own Lipstick, Eye Shadow and Nail Polish

The world is changing fast! Imagine creating your own makeup line and printing it off at home to use, it can now happen.

Grace Choi created MINK, a 3D makeup printing company that will allow you create and print your own lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish.

Click here and watch the "how to" video.
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Spend Less Time Styling Your Hair

Who wants to spend less time styling your hair? Me Please!!

I have heard a lot of tips for styling hair over the yrs, but NEVER a tooth brush! It actually works great, yes I tried it :)

Click here for 3 easy tips, from the tv show The Doctors, that will help you spend less time styling your hair.
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WATCH: Kathy Griffin Talks Fashion Police on 'Today'

Did you ever get to watch Fashion Police on E! with Joan Rivers? E! has hired Kathy Griffin to fill the very big shoes of Joan Rivers. She will be crrraaazzzyyyy and fun to watch, but is there already tension on the set?? According to Kathy, she is the HOST, not cohost. Watch her interview with Savannah Guthrie from Today Show.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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New Year, New Wardrobe

New year, new wardrobe....but what are the hottest looks to fill that closet? I decided to reach out to a few of my "fashion friends" and ask what they are filling their stores with and expected to sell fast. Here are a few of the looks that were included in each of their answers.

The Modern Baby Doll Dress: The 2015 version does not show the waist at all! If you were expecting an empire waist....nope. The dress flares out dramatically from a slim shoulder look to a wide A link skirt. The dress will show off those sexy legs of your and hide any tummy issues.

Crop Top: Yes it's back and will look great with a skirt or loose fitting pants.

The Boyfriend Jean: These jeans were popular in 2014 and are here to stay for the New Year. The jeans are cropped or rolled up above your ankle and show off the stone wash distressed look.

As far as jewelry, gold is back! Dainty, thin gold that is stacked or layered is a hot look for 2015. Layered on your neck, knuckles or wrist...all gold is huge now.

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