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Style Fyle


From insights on the latest styles to gossip on celebrity fashionto easy tips and tricks to make your look exciting and affordable, Style Fyle has it all. Check it out below!

A Sassier Look

Are you ready for a sassier look? This adorable, choppy bob is easy to take care of and adds a little sass to your look. Click here for some examples.
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The Braid Craze!

The braid craze is hotter than ever! I have hair envy every time I see a cool style with an unbelievable braid...that I can NEVER do! Sooooo I did my homework and found this really cool site that demos different styles with braids. ENJOY!
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Shoes, It's All About The SHOES!

Denise Plante

Yes most woman have a love for shoes. A great pair of shoes can make you feel sexy, confident, strong or just plain comfortable...when you wear the right ones ;)

I have been getting so many compliments on the heels I'm wearing today, I thought I would feature in my Style Fyle. These cute, gold, spiked heels came from Mariel in Cherry Creek. You hear me talk a lot about Mariel, that's because Denise Snyder is a close friend and dresses me for my TV show, Colorado and Company on 9 News. The heels were made by Vince Camuto and believe it or not, they are really comfortable!

Mariel has a huge assortment of adorable shoes, jewelry and clothes. Stop by and tell Denise Snyder, owner, I said hello.
3000 E 3rd Ave #8, Denver, CO 80206
(303) 623-1151
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Easter Leftovers Makes the Perfect Facial Mast

What to do with Easter leftovers? Make A Facial Mask.....recipe below.

Romanian skin care expert Elena Schnell claims Easter dinner leftovers make great facial masks. She says the leftover fat from fresh ham is good for dry skin. The creamin Easter cream puffs is a great moisturizer. Leftover mashed potatoes can be used as a facial mask for rejuvenating skin. Schnell recommends placing leftover asparagus in a blender and then using it instead of cold cream.
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Find Hats for Easter, Hattitude and Derby Days

Are you looking for a beautiful hat for Easter, Hattitude or Derby Days?  You MUST check out Mariel in Cherry Creek.  My friend, Denise Snyder, is the owner and asked me to take part in a fun photo shoot to showcase a few hats from her collection.  They are super cute, original and classy.  Take time to stop by Mariel at 3000 East Third Ave Denver 80206 or give her a call to ask about the gorgeous selection 303-623-1151.
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