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Dumb Friends Leaugue Shares Tips For Keeping Pets Safe On Fourth of July

Many dogs and cats don't like the sound of fireworks, and it's sad, but the Fourth Of July is actually one of the busiest days of the year at animal shelters because pets get scared and runaway. 

The Denver Dumb Friends League has tips for keeping your pet safe on the Fourth Of July.


Fireworks in celebration of Independence Day may frighten cats and dogs, causing them to panic and escape the confines of a yard or even the house. To help protect pets during the Fourth of July holiday, the Dumb Friends League is offering the following tips for pet owners:

•Keep your pet indoors during fireworks celebrations in a quiet, isolated room with covered windows, such as a bathroom, or a basement where there are no windows. Turn on a fan, radio or TV to muffle the sound of fireworks. These devices provide familiar indoor sounds and may help soothe your pet if he must be alone on this noisy holiday. 

•Don’t bring your pet to a fireworks display.

•If you know from past experience that your pet will suffer from severe anxiety caused by the loud noise of fireworks, you may consider talking with your veterinarian in advance about giving your pet a mild tranquilizer.

•If your pet behaves nervously by pacing, whining or crying, try playing with her as a distraction or doing something she enjoys. Attempting to reassure your dog or cat by petting, soothing or offering treats when she’s afraid may reinforce fearful or anxious behavior.

•Make sure your pet always wears an appropriately fitted collar and an I.D. tag with your current phone number and address. Your pet should also be wearing a current license/rabies tag. You may want to talk with your veterinarian about providing your pet with a microchip identification implant in case your pet loses his collar and tags.

•If you find a lost pet, take it to your nearest animal shelter. You can also place a “found” ad in your local paper or on Craigslist and post notices around your neighborhood.

Via: Dumb Friends League

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07/01/2014 12:50PM
Dumb Friends Leaugue Shares Tips For Keeping Pets Safe On Fourth of July
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