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Denver Zoo Welcomes a Trio of Penguins [PICTURES & VIDEO]

Today is World Penguin Day and what better way to celebrate than to have a new trio of penguins hatched at the Denver Zoo! Denver Zoo recently welcomed a trio of penguin chicks, representing two different species. Penguins just happen to one of my favorite animals too, so I'm probably extra excited about these new additions!

Denver Zoo
Two African penguins hatched on January 28 and February 11, and a Humboldt penguin hatched on February 14, the third hatch of its species at Denver Zoo since 1998. The three all slowly gained weight behind-the-scenes under the care of their parents and are slowly making their public debuts. Visitors can now see the two African penguin chicks in their outdoor habitat, weather depending. The Humboldt penguin chick is still growing behind-the-scenes under the watchful eyes of its parents. None of the chicks' genders are known yet, nor do they have names.

African penguins are found in southern Africa. Although most people associate penguins with frigid temperatures, African penguins enjoy warmer weather.
[ Denver Zoo ]

Denver Zoo

About African Penguins

They grow to more than two-feet-tall and can weigh around 10 pounds. Their black and white patterns are unique to each penguin, like fingerprints on humans. More important, though the patterns serve as camouflage from predators in the wild as they are swimming. Seen from above, their dark backs blend in with the water. Seen from below, their white bellies blend in with the sky above.

[ Denver Zoo ]

Happy World Penguin Day!

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04/25/2013 1:08PM
Denver Zoo Welcomes a Trio of Penguins [PICTURES & VIDEO]
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