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Five Healthier Junk Food Options

We all like to snack and eat some junk food once in a while, right? has listed five healthier alternatives, and some of them might surprise you. A simple, chocolate chip cookie made the list, I'm in!

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Baked potato chips
Those crafty food scientists at Frito-Lay figured out that deep-frying chips adds a lot of fat and calories. Their solution? Bake those chips in a nice, hot oven.

Low-fat cheese puffs
The cheese puff represents a major breakthrough in snack science (and particle physics, but that’s another article). Nobody really knows what a cheese puff actually is, but we all love to gobble them down during halftime.

Low-cal, low-sodium pretzels
Pretzels seem healthy because they’re relatively sedate snacks. Because of this, it’s easy to gobble up too many of the tasty knots. If you’re going to snack on pretzels, look for healthy ones.

Better chocolate bars
Unfortunately, the massive food-engineering firms haven’t really figured out how to concoct a good, low-calorie chocolate bar. They’ve made a few breakthroughs, but diluted or modified chocolate is about as appealing as eating fresh potting soil. If you must have a chocolate bar, eat only half. There are a few mass-produced bars that are better than others when it comes to fat and calories. Snickers, for instance, contains 280 calories and 14 grams of fat. Kit Kat is a little better, with 218 calories and 11 grams of fat. Plus, you can eat just one of the bars in a Kit Kat pack and halve that calorie count.

Low-fat cookies
Your regular, no-frills chocolate chip cookie contains 59 calories and 3 grams of fat. Others, like Archway’s apple-filled oatmeal cookie, hold about 98 calories each.

Happy eating and snacking!

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04/24/2013 1:08PM
Five Healthier Junk Food Options
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