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5 Ways to Get Glossy Hair

5 Ways To Get Glossy Hair from

Flat-Iron It Ever notice how straight hair looks almost incandescent when it catches the light? That extra-glossy effect isn't an illusion. Flat-ironing helps ruffled hair cuticles lie flat, which creates more surface area to reflect light. Just be sure not to fry your strands: Only iron bone-dry hair, use a gliding motion, and choose ceramic plates to protect against excessive heat.

Add Contrast Hair that's both light and dark reads shinier to the eye than a flat field of one shade. If your base is dark, ask your colorist for thin ribbons of a lighter hue; if you're a blonde, consider low-lights. At home, try Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice 'N Easy ($14;, a single-process treatment that delivers three subtle tones of a single shade.

Eat a Caesar Salad And don't pluck out the anchovies! L-cysteine, found in egg yolks, optimizes the production of keratin, a protein critical for growth (healthy hair = lustrous hair). The omegas in olive oil and anchovies also boost the hydration of hair from the inside out.

Step Away from the Glitter We all love a little bling, but dousing hair with shine products that contain mica can rough up the hair shaft and work against your natural gleam. Instead, look for gloss-boosting ingredients like argan oil, found in Josie Maran's argan oil hair serum ($30;, that also condition hair.

Wash Wisely Not all hair colors are created equal, which means you should wash, rinse, and repeat accordingly. Lighter hair is porous and more susceptible to buildup, so it's shiniest when it's cleanest. Those with brunet or deep auburn strands are at their glossiest with well-conditioned second-day hair.


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10/23/2012 6:36AM
5 Ways to Get Glossy Hair
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