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Kempe - Be a Superhero for Kids

Friday April 11th from 6am-6pm

LIVE on KOSI 101.1

for more information call 720-554-5564

Did you know you have a super power?  You have the power of friends and family who believe in you and support you.  But abused children don’t feel that power. They don’t have the power to ask for help or to make the abuse stop.  But together we have the power to give them back their childhood.  Use your super powers to stop abuse.  Support the Kempe Foundation.
for more information call 720-554-5564

Become a TRUE BLUE MEMBER and donate $15 per month to the Kempe Foundation.  Your sustaining donation will help the Kempe Foundation all year long.  Through the generosity of people just like you, these young victims have been given a chance at regaining their very precious childhood.
There is simply no more important cause, and no better way for you to make a difference, than to give to Kempe. We will use your donation wisely to make the most difference to children who are suffering now, and to help prevent further abuse and neglect in the future.

The Kempe Foundation - Giving Hope to Abused and Neglected Children
Nearly 686,000 children are reported as having been abused or neglected in this country each year, including 10,482 in Colorado alone. But child abuse prevention is not a hopeless cause. We see success stories every day.  These children need superheroes. Superheroes like you.
The Kempe Center treats abused children, trains professionals, and conducts research to ensure a healthy and hopeful future for these innocent victims. Every child seen at The Kempe Center is helped by the nation’s leading experts on child abuse and neglect.

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