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Posts from June 2013

Asian Elephant ‘Billy’ Arrives Safely at the Denver Zoo
Billy has arrived in Denver! The 5-year-old Asian elephant is getting aquainted with his new home at the Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo
He arrived last night, June 23, after completing a flight from Amsterdam. The young bull, the third male elephant in the zoo's Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit, will support the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan with valuable genetics as he is unrelated to any elephants in the United States.

To prepare for Billy's journey, one zookeeper, one assistant curator, the area curator, two veterinarians, the vice president for animal care and one communications staff member flew in advance to Antwerpen Zoo. Staff began working with Billy to familiarize themselves with him and allow Billy to feel more comfortable as well. On Sunday, Billy arrived via a truck in Amsterdam and took a direct flight with the four-member caretaking team to Denver.

Billy was born Feb. 17, 2008 at Dublin Zoo, weighing 176 pounds. Visitors to Denver Zoo will be not be able to see Billy just yet as he must undergo a minimum 30-day quarantine behind the scenes but fans can follow his adventures at
[ Denver Zoo


Welcome to Denver and your new home, Billy!
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Beagle/Boxer And Basset Hound Wins 25th Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest
Well, this kind of makes you feel sorry for him! Walle, a 4-year-old mutt from California won the 2013 World's Ugliest Dog Contest over the weekend

NBC News, New York

"This dog looked like he's been photo-shopped with pieces from various dogs and maybe a few other animals," judge Brian Sobel said.

Walle overcame the dominance in recent years by nearly hairless Chihuahuas, Chinese cresteds, or combinations of the two.

Owner Tammie Barbee got the dog when he was three months old.

"People come up to me and say that dog is not right," Barbee said, "but I love him."

[ Huffington Post

Walle won $1,500 and will make some television appearances now. 
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The Ultimate Thriller Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Tonight at Red Rocks
It's going to be a great concert tonight! The Ultimate Thriller Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Tonight at Red Rocks and tickets are still available. By the way, we knew this, but Rolling Stone just rated Red Rocks the best Amphitheatre in the United States! 

If you love Michael Jackson, you won’t want to miss one of the most powerful and dynamic concert experiences this summer at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with The Ultimate Thriller – The Michael Jackson Tribute. 

Critics and thousands of fans in the U.S. and Europe who have attended this show have proclaimed it “the closest you can get to experiencing Michael Jackson live!”

For over two hours, The Ultimate Thriller takes audiences on a journey performing the memorable hits of Michael Jackson, including Jam, I’ll Be There, Rock With You, Black or White, Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller, Man in the Mirror, and many more.  This summer, come celebrate the epic songs, iconic look, electrifying moves and magic that was and will always be Michael Jackson. 

Friday, June 21, 2013
8:00 PM
Door Time: 6:30 PM
[ Red Rocks

Tickets are still available, get them here
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Colorado Wildfire Relief Fundraiser Thursday Night
We all want to reach out and help Coloradoans affected by the devastating wildfires and tonight Colorado media are working together for Statewide Wildfire Fundraiser to benefit the American Red Cross. 

Thursday, June 20th, 4:30pm to 7:30pm you can call 1-877-667-6727 to give. Remember every bit helps. 

All donations during the Red Cross 2013 Colorado Wildfires Fundraiser will support ongoing Red Cross efforts to help people affected by the recent Black Forest fire, as well as Red Cross responses to other Colorado wildfires that may occur this year. Donations will also support the organization’s work to make Colorado communities more prepared for and resilient in the face of wildfires.

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Englewood, Littleton and Denver Top 'Manliest' Colorado Cities List

The 10 Manliest Cities in Colorado By Movoto

From the Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Plains, Colorado has been named the 'Manliest State' and Englewood, Littleton and Denver are the top three 'Manliest Cities' according to Movoto. The list was created by reviewing barber shops, boxing gyms, car part stroes, hardware stores and others.

While the entire state is pretty much a Mecca of manliness, we thought we’d look a little closer and use our experience in ranking cities on a national level to determine which metros can claim to be the manliest.

Based on our research—which may or may not have involved some breaks to cut wood and wrestle bears—we found that the following Colorado cities are tops when it comes to manly stuff:

1. Englewood
2. Littleton
3. Denver
4. Grand Junction
5. Wheat Ridge 
[ Movoto

You can see the full list and more details about these findings here

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CSU Veterinarians Partner To Help Lion With Cancer At Denver Zoo
A 15-year-old lion at the Denver Zoo is undergoing cancer treatment that is the first of it's kind. 

Denver Zoo
Rian, a 15-year-old South African lion, underwent surgery and is receiving chemotherapy for an aggressive cancer originating in his spleen. Veterinarians hope the treatment will extend and improve his quality of life while providing valuable information about how chemotherapy could help other zoo lions and large cats.

"We are very thankful for all the help and expertise CSU doctors continue to provide. Moving forward, this will be a very valuable relationship," said Denver Zoo Staff Veterinarian Dr. Betsy Stringer.

In mid-March, zookeepers noticed Rian acting significantly lethargic, prompting zoo veterinarians to perform a full physical examination, during which tests revealed a large mass in the lion's abdomen.

After exploratory surgery, further testing determined that Rian's spleen grew to that size because it was infiltrated with a type of cancer known as high-grade splenic lymphoma.
[ Denver Zoo

Wishing Rian all the best and a speedy recovery. 
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'Smokey' The White Buffalo Calf Born At Royal Gorge Bridge Brings New Hope
There is new hope in a place where it's really needed the most right now! A brand new baby white buffalo was born on Saturday at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, Photographer: Tracy Bandera  
In the midst of catastrophic fires and destruction at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, Canon City, Colo., which began Tuesday afternoon, by early Saturday morning, the gift of life was literally given as a white buffalo calf was born, and was christened "Smokey."  He's a pretty white bull calf, sired by the park's nine year old white buffalo bull, Chief Silver Bullet.  Pictured with Smokey is his mother Brownie,   All of the herd carry the white recessive gene, and 25% are born white.   

The park's wildlife park has a small herd of buffalo, elk, and bighorn sheep, all miracleously survived the fire that swept through the park and across the Royal Gorge.  They are all in very good shape, and are continued to be fed and watered until they can be safely moved.

[ Royal Gorge Bridge & Park ] 

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, Photographer: Tracy Bandera
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Denver Zoo Welcomed the Birth of An Endangered Zebra
There is another brand new baby at the Denver Zoo today! A baby zebra. Zoo visitors can see mom and daughter with the entire herd in the yard now.

Denver Zoo
There’s a new set of stripes in Denver Zoo’s zebra yard today. Thursday nigh, June 13, Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of an endangered, female Grevy’s (Greh-veez) zebra. At less than a day old, the unnamed foal, is already comfortably exploring her new home with her mother, Topaz, never too far away. Guests can see mom and daughter with the entire herd in the yard now.

This is the third foal for Topaz and she is still proving to be an excellent mother, carefully shepherding the young foal around their yard. Topaz and the foal’s father, Punda, were paired under recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP) which ensures healthy populations and genetic diversity among zoo animals. Fortunately, the couple has proved to be an excellent match. 

[ Denver Zoo
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Father's Day Weekend: Colorado Beef Council Grilling Tips
Father's Day weekend is coming up and every dad loves to grill so I sat down with Executive Chef Jason Morse from the Colorado Beef Council and 5280 Culinary for some grilling tips. What kind of grill is best, gas or charcoal? Best way to season a steak? How hot should the grill be? Jason has all the answers for grilling up the perfect steak on Father's Day or any day this summer!

You can listen to our conversation and get all the answers to these questions to grill up the perfect steak.

Flickr Creative Commons

For recipes, visit the Colorado Beef Council's website, and find the perfect spices for your steak at 5280 Culinary! Happy Father's Day and Happy Grilling! 
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Denver Zoo Welcomes Endangered Snow Leopard Cub ‘Misha’
It's hot in Denver, but there is a new baby at the Denver Zoo that probably enjoys winter a lot more! A brand new baby Snow Leopard was born recently! 

Denver Zoo
The female cub, named Misha (Mee-sha), was born on May 13. Guests aren't able to see Misha yet as she is still bonding behind-the-scenes with her mother, Natasha. The two will remain in their den until Mom determines it is time for Misha to explore the outdoor world.

This species is native to rocky, mountainous areas above the tree line in central Asia and in the Himalayan regions of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. They are well adapted for their harsh lifestyle with well-developed chest muscles and powerful, short limbs that help them climb and leap in the rocky terrain, while their long tails help them balance on small, mountain ridges. To protect them from the cold, they have long, thick hair that covers a dense woolly under-fur and their bushy tails are also long enough to wrap around their bodies and heads. Even their large paws are fully furred to provide warmth and good traction on snow. 

[ Denver Zoo
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Metro Denver Shelter Alliance Waves Pet Adoption Fees This Week At Area Shelters
Thinking about a new addition to the family? The four-legged furry kind? This is your week! Thanks to the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance members, they are waiving fees on cats and dogs 1 year and older this week at the Denver Dumb Friends League and other select pet shelters! Spring into summer with a new pet. This is a first-of-its-kind collaborative adoption special, which highlights just how collaborative all the shelters are in helping place homeless pets.


Summer is a great time to adopt a pet—long, lazy days for playing, training and getting to know your new family member! That’s why participating Metro Denver Shelter Alliance (MDSA) shelters and rescues are offering a five-day “Spring into Summer” metro-wide adoption special. From June 10 to 14, participating shelters and rescue groups are waiving fees for all cats and dogs 1 year and older—a first-of-its-kind collaborative adoption special. 

Formed in 2000, the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance is a coalition of more than 25 public and private shelters, rescue and animal service providers committed to saving pets and fostering responsible pet ownership to increase the number of animals adopted and reunited at shelters throughout the community.


You can visit the Denver Dumb Friends League website ,or stop by and see all the friendly faces looking for their forever home! 

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Denver Zoo Will Welcome A New Elephant Later This Summer
The Denver Zoo will be welcoming a new elephant later this summer! The 5-year-old elephant will come from the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium and make is new home in Denver. Budhi, will make is new home later this summer at the zoo's newest exhibit, the Toyota Elephant Passage.

Denver Zoo
"Denver Zoo is proud to take a leadership role in the management of multiple male elephants to support the long-term vitality of Asian elephants in zoo settings. This encourages breeding programs at all zoos while providing an excellent home for elephants," Denver Zoo Vice President for Animal Care Brian Aucone said in a statement.

Born in Dublin in Feb. 17, 2008, Budhi will take the name Billy at Denver Zoo in honor of the memory of William Chenoweth, a long-time zoo supporter.


The exact date of Budhi's arrival isn't set yet, the Denver Zoo will announce that later. 
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Denver's Union Station Goes 'Green' with New 17th Street Gardens
Next time your at Union Station in Denver, you'll notice a lot of light and new gardens! The 17th St. Gardens at Denver Union Station will soon get environmental certification at the new bus center featuring eight skylights.

RTD, Facebook
There are eight skylights built into Denver Union Station's 17th Street Gardens.  They have an important job which is to light up the inside of the new underground bus facility.
As part of RTD's commitment to sustainability, these skylights will reduce the amount of electrical output needed to light up the bus facility.


To find out more and see more pictures, click here
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Recent Survey Reveals We Spend More Time On Our Phone Than With Our Partner
Oh no! A recent survey reveals that poeple spend more time on their smartphone than with their partner. 

Flickr Creative Commons

A new survey by O2 reveals that the average person spends two hours a day using their phone and just 97 minutes a day with their partner. Other findings:

  • 57% of people no longer use an alarm clock and instead use their phone's alarm to wake them
  • 50% of people no longer wear a watch and instead use their phone for the time
  • 25% of people have ditched their laptop in favor of their smartphone

[ O2
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