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Posts from July 2013

Englewood Fire Department Rescues Small Dog From House Fire
Props to the awesome firefighters at the Englewood, Colorado Fire Department! They rescued a small dog from a house fire Monday

Photo Credit: Englewood Fire, via

They pulled him from a burning home, and police officers resuscitated him. The Englewood Police Department's Animal Control Division responded to the scene and took the dog to a local animal hospital.

The fire started in a kitchen Monday morning just after 10 a.m. 

Five people were evacuated. No one was injured.

The dog appears to be some sort of terrier. According to Englewood firefighters, he's doing OK.


Glad to hear no one was hurt and it sounds like the dog is going to be OK! Awesome job firefighters! 
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City of Boulder Launches a Brand New 'Mobile Friendly' Website
The City of Boulder has launched a new website and it's more 'mobile' friendly.

City of Boulder

Key to the new site is its responsive design, which means the site is resizable for any screen, including any mobile device.  

“It’s a new era in website design,” said City of Boulder Director of Information Technology Don Ingle.  “We knew going into this effort that not only did our website need to have an updated look, it also needed to accommodate mobile web users.  More and more people are accessing Internet content from mobile devices, leaving designs based on desktop screen widths a thing of the past.”  

The city’s site also features more photos and videos throughout its pages. Navigational options featured on the new home page were selected based on hit and search data as well as topic timeliness.  
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Boulder Creek Path and Cherry Creek Bike Path Make 'Best' List in United States
We know we live in the best place, and now there is proof we also have the best bike paths in the United States. Two of Colorado's most popular bike paths, the Boulder Creek Path and the Cherry Creek Bike Path have made to the top ten, in a list of the best bike paths in the USA!

Flickr Creative Commons

 To determine which ones meet this standard, though, we first had to ask what makes a great bike path.

For starters, many on our list are important commuting arteries that give cyclists direct access to business districts while avoiding city traffic and making few street crossings. A few, like Boston's Minuteman Bikeway or Philadelphia's Schuylkill River Trail, were even designed, in part, to bring commuters in from the suburbs where they'd otherwise be out of reach of mass transit.

Rising from the plains to the Rockies and bisecting this mountain town from East to West, the paved, 7.5-mile Boulder Creek Path epitomizes what makes Boulder one of the most active, outdoorsy cities in the country.

Denver's numerous paved bike paths extend citywide and beyond, earning the Mile High City annual props on Bicycling Magazine's bike-friendly cities list. 
[ ]

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Some Boulder Residents May Notice a Change In Taste of Drinking Water
The City of Boulder is changing sources on some of the City's water, and says that some Boulder residents may notice a slight change in taste of the water this week. 

Flickr Creative Commons

Beginning Monday, July 22, City of Boulder water customers in Gunbarrel, Heatherwood, Hoover Hills and areas north of Arapahoe Avenue and east of Foothills Parkway may notice a slight taste change in their tap water. This change is due to the switch of water sources at the Boulder Reservoir Water Treatment Plant from the Boulder Feeder Canal to the Boulder Reservoir.

Source changes are a normal part of water treatment and distribution operations. No water service interruptions are expected while the water source change occurs. Western Boulder water customers are not affected because they receive their water from Barker Reservoir via the Betasso Water Treatment Facility.

For more information you can visit the City of Boulder's website or contact Water Quality and Environmental Services at 303-413-7400.
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Oh No! Denver Has Trust Issues When It Comes To Dating According to Survey
A new survey reveals that over half of us have spied on our significant other and Denver comes in at #2 on the top ten cities with dating trust issues. 

A recent survey from the dating site reveals that 55% of people have spied on their partner. So why do people spy on their partner and what cities are the least trusting when it comes to dating? See the lists below from their survey. 

Flickr Creative Commons

10 Most Common Methods of Spying

  1. Unauthorized email access: 58%
  2. Unauthorized access to text messages: 47%
  3. Researching social media accounts: 39%
  4. Listening in on phone calls or use of phone taps: 18%
  5. Looking through telephone records: 18%
  6. Looking through credit card statements: 16%
  7. Following and shadowing: 10%
  8. Using mobile GPS tracking: 7%
  9. Hiring a private investigator: 4%
  10. Other: 9%

Top 10 Least Trusting Cities (Based on Percentage of Locals Who Admit to Spying)

  1. Richmond, VA. 68.1%
  2. Denver 67.2%
  3. Tampa 66.7% 
  4. Columbus, Ohio 66.2%
  5. Raleigh, N.C.: 65.4%
  6. Scottsdale 61.9%
  7. Nashville 61.7%
  8. Minneapolis 61.3%
  9. Cincinnati 60.9%
  10. Miami 60.7%
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Dogs From Recent Hoarding Case Ready For Adoption at Denver Dumb Friends League
Dogs from a recent hoarding case were taken to the Denver Dumb Friends League, many were given haircuts and checked out for health issues. Great news if you are looking for a new furry friend, many of those dogs are now ready for their forever home!

The Dumb Friends League posted this update on Facebook Thursday:

DDFL, Facebook

To see all of the available dogs at Denver Dumb Friends League, click here
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Goats Are Helping With Weed Control In Boulder
Have a problem with weeds? Not to worry, just bring in the goats to eat them! That's exactly what the City of Boulder is doing to control noxious weeds.

Flickr Creative Commons

Goats have been used effectively by the city for more than a decade as a control for many different weed species.  “They can get into difficult areas and eat even prickly weeds before eating the grasses,” said Joy Master, conservation ecologist for Boulder Parks and Recreation. 

The goats will be utilized at the following city-managed properties:

  • Burke II (Bobolink Trail and Old Tale Road)
  • Area III near 26th Street and Yarmouth Avenue
  • Boulder Reservoir dam faces
  • Boulder Reservoir Water Treatment Facility
  • Near the Big Bluestem Trail in southwest Boulder

[ City of Boulder
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Boulder Mosquitoes Test Positive for West Nile Virus, Mosquito-proof Your Home
The City of Boulder says that mosquitoes in the area have tested positive for the West Nile virus. 

Flickr Creative Commons

On June 25, one positive mosquito sample collected was pooled from traps at Christensen Park and Stazio Ball Fields. On July 2, a second positive sample collected was pooled from traps located at Christensen Park, Tom Watson Park, Locust and 10th streets and South Boulder Recreation Center. Pooled samples indicate that positive mosquitoes came from at least one of the sites listed.    

To decrease the likelihood of human/mosquito interactions and to help minimize the spread of WNV, the city recommends that residents’ mosquito-proof their properties by: 
  • Draining any standing water outside your home.
  • Not over-watering landscaping or turf (mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of stagnant water); and Inspecting properties for any items that can hold water, including toys, tarps and covers, pots, wheelbarrows, tire swings, recycling bins, trash cans and lids.
  • Birdbaths should be changed every 3 to 4 days. 
For general information about the city’s Mosquito Control program including WNV, visit and click on, “Mosquito Control Program.”  There is also a WNV Hotline at 303-441-3400 that provides basic information and weekly updates if new information is available.  The State of Colorado also provides helpful WSN resources at
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Cartoon Network’s 'Move It Movement Tour' Coming To Denver This Weekend
Cartoon Network is coming to Denver this weekend for the Movit It Movement Tour, a free, family-targeted event to help fight childhood obesity by getting kids more active! 

Cartoon Network/Turner Broadcasting

The MOVE IT MOVEMENT TOUR, Cartoon Network’s summer campaign targeting youth 6-14, in partnership with the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition and in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative. The tour will feature multiple activity and learning stations, incorporating core partner organizations as: 

NBA/WNBA FIT & NBA Hoop Troop, NFL PLAY 60, The PGA of America and Subway® Fresh Fit for Kids™. Families planning to visit and participate in the MOVE IT MOVEMENT TOUR can enjoy a host of activities including:

  • NBA/WNBA FIT & NBA Hoop Troop — kids can demonstrate their fitness level by testing their basketball skills and shoot against the clock for prizes;
  • The PGA of America Driving Range — updated to reflect the new PGA Sports Academy and its goal of developing young social and competitive golfers, kids are invited to drive the ball for accuracy and distance with The PGA driving range. Top scores are posted on the PGA Sports Academy leaderboard;
  • NFL PLAY 60 — kids can practice a variety of football-themed activities, including running patterns and passing skills;
  • Subway® Fresh Fit for Kids™ Soccer Shootout Challenge and Skate Park/BMX Experience — At the challenge, kids can show off their footwork and take aim at a custom soccer goal; while over at the park, BMX and skateboard experts perform high-flying demonstrations followed by personal interactive safety and riding tips sessions for kids; 
  • Let’s Move!/PALA+ booth — a station set aside specifically for registration materials, nutrition tips and further information promoting participation with Let’s Move! and the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award.
  • Cartoon Network Chill Zone, a themed area to refuel (water) and recharge while sampling some of the best new programming, online activities and premium items from Cartoon Network. The Chill Zone also offers a green screen photo activity where kids can be captured “within” the worlds of their favorite cartoons, such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, Teen Titans GO!, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10 Omniverse and Legends of Chima.

Who: Sponsored locally by Xfinity; national sponsors of the 16-city tour include the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), NBA/WNBA FIT & NBA Hoop Troop, NFL PLAY 60 and The PGA of America.

When: Saturday & Sunday, July 13 & 14 – 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Where: Elitch Gardens, 2000 Elitch Circle, Denver, CO  80204
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Paper or Plastic? Disposable Bag Fee Goes Into Effect Today In Boulder
July 1, 2013 means new disposable bag fees go into effect today in Boulder. 

Flickr Creative Commons

What does this mean to you?

All disposable plastic and paper checkout bags at grocery stores in Boulder will cost 10 cents each. The bag fee does not apply to bags used inside stores for items such as produce, bulk food, or meat and fish, and does not apply to pharmacy prescriptions or newspapers.

“Boulder uses about 33 million disposable checkout bags each year, and 60 to 70 percent of these come from grocery stores,” said Jamie Harkins, City of Boulder business sustainability specialist.  “This fee arose from community concerns about the negative environmental and economic impacts of disposable bags in Boulder. It’s about protecting our community and its resources by encouraging people to reuse.” 

Where does the money go?

Of the .10 cents collected for each bag, 4 cents will go to retailers to defray their costs related to implementing the regulation. The remaining 6 cents will be remitted to the city for use on efforts that lessen the negative impacts of disposable bags in the Boulder community.

A portion of the future proceeds from the fee has already been used to purchase and distribute approximately 40,000 reusable bags to Boulder residents during the month of June. The city has worked to distribute bags to all populations at no cost, with an emphasis on mitigating the impact of the fee on low-income populations. In addition to partnering with numerous local organizations such as Eco-Cycle, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), Boulder Housing Partners, Downtown Boulder Inc., and Boulder County Community Services, the city canvassed door-to-door at more than 1,000 households, and conducted bag giveaways at grocery stores, city recreation centers, libraries, and the Farmers’ Market.
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