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Posts from October 2013

Denver Zoo Lion Cubs Pounce On Pumpkins to Celebrate Halloween [PICTURES]
Lion cubs at the Denver Zoo are celebrating Halloween! 

Denver Zoo

Halloween came a day early for Denver Zoo lion cubs Sango and Sabi. The two cubs pounced on a pumpkin in the primary yard of the zoo's Predator Ridge exhibit. This was the first time many guests have seen Sango, a 1-year-old male who arrived from Lufkin, Texas' Ellen Trout Zoo in July. He spent the last few months behind-the-scenes clearing a mandatory quarantine period, growing accustom to his new surroundings and getting to know his new mate, Sabi. Visitors can now see them both in Predator Ridge, weather permitting.

Denver Zoo
On Thursday, October 31, guests are invited to watch elephants squash massive pumpkins at the Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit at 11:30 a.m. The two pumpkins, estimated to weigh around 400 and 500 pounds each, are a donation from Brian Deevy, a giant pumpkin hobbyist.

[ Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

Happy Halloween! 
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Puppy vs. Mirror Videos Super Popular on YouTube [VIDEO]
Have you seen any Puppy vs. Mirror videos online? They are a huge hit, getting millions of views each. I can spend hours watching puppies online, so I thought I would share a couple of Puppy vs. Mirror videos that are popular on YouTube

Mini Dachshund Puppy Vs. Mirror

and a favorite of mine, since I just love Beagles...

Cooper the beagle playing in the mirror

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Denver Dumb Friends League Launches Brand New Website
The Denver Dumb Friends League launched a brand new website that is easier than ever to navigate and find information on adoptable animals, helpful pet information and much more!

The Dumb Friends League launched a dynamic new website this week, unveiling a multitude of user-friendly improvements that provide faster, easier access to important information for current and future pet and horse owners. The website’s modern, responsive design allows it to be easily viewed on mobile devices while simplifying navigation and streamlining searches for adoptable animals, League services and more.

“As technology and the needs of our patrons evolve, we are exploring innovative ways to connect with them, and the new website is a reflection of that,” said Rick Gabrielson, vice president of development and communications for the League. “We expect the many improvements to help pet owners and soon-to-be pet adopters navigate the site more efficiently, search and sort adoptable animals more effectively, and ultimately increase pet adoptions of homeless pets and horses at our facilities.”

[ Denver Dumb Friends League

You can find a lot of information and see the pets looking for their new forever home on the brand new website at
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Denver Dumb Friends League Offers Reduced Adoption Fees During Halloween Special
The Denver Dumb Friends League has an abundance of cats that need a home. The are having a Halloween “Trick-or-Treat Adopt-a-thon to help give animals a second chance and find a new forever home. 

Denver Dumb Friends League

Over the last year, the Dumb Friends League has increased cat placements by 5 percent, but we are facing a real challenge this fall. With close to 400 cats and kittens available for adoption, and another 450 in our care—including lost and found—we are doing all we can to see that they’re placed in homes. This includes waived cat fees for all cats 1 year and older.

All adoptions include a spay/neuter surgery, a microchip ID implant, initial vaccinations and a free visit to a participating veterinarian within the first 15 days of adoption. Visit or stop by any of our adoption centers—including select Petco and PetSmart locations—and give a Colorado cat a second chance. 

From Friday, Oct. 25, through Thursday, Oct. 31, the Dumb Friends League is holding a Halloween “Trick or Treat Adopt-a-thon,” with continued waived fees for adult cats plus 50 percent off select items in our gift shops for cat adopters, half-off adoption fees for adult dogs, and Halloween decorations and candy for the kids. Stop by our Quebec Street and Buddy Center shelters to pick out a pet and enjoy some treats!


Visit to for more information and to see the cats and dogs looking for their new forever home. 
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Denver Zoo Biologists Give 'Lucky' Vulture A Chance at Life [PICTURES]
The Denver Zoo is now home to a "lucky" cinereous vulture from Mongolia. 

Denver Zoo
The young bird, named Aztai for the Mongolian word for "lucky," was rescued and brought to the United States after zoo conservation experts determined she would not be able to survive in the wild due to a damaged wing. Visitors can now see Aztai in her new home outside the old Pachyderm Building.

Aztai was discovered by Denver Zoo conservation biologists as they studied cinereous vultures, their nests and migration and movement patterns at Mongolia's Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in August 2010. While taking measurements of chicks in the nests, they found a chick with multiple, significant open fractures on its left wing. They weren't sure how the bird became injured. Staff cared for the chick, providing food and shelter, and fortunately the bird survived; however her wing was permanently damaged. She would never be able to fly.

Zoo staff knew a vulture that couldn't fly would not survive in the wild and decided to bring the chick to Denver Zoo. This decision provided a place for the bird while improving the genetic diversity of the North American zoo population of less than 50 individuals. 

[ Denver Zoo
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Does Colorado Match Your Personality? Time Magazine's U.S. Personality Quiz Map
Does Colorado match your personality? There was a map published by Time Magazine after a great deal of research to find out which personalities are most common in each state

FOX31, Facebook

The team set out to draw America’s regional lines more clearly, literally mapping the American mood, with state-by-state ratings of personality and temperament.

Time reported the scientists used information from more than 1 million people to identify three “personality regions” in our country.

So what sort of state is Colorado?

Colorado’s Mood Index
Openness: 57.9 (ranked 10th nationally)
Conscientiousness: 58.8 (ranked 9th nationally)
Extroversion: 45.3 (ranked 36th nationally)
Agreeableness: 47.5 (ranked 33rd nationally)
Neuroticism: 34.3 (ranked 48th nationally)


Do you agree with this map? Did they get Colorado right? You can take the Time Magazine quiz to find out if your personality matches.
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Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Corn Maze Final Weekend Coming Up
Another fun Halloween tradition in the Denver area is the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield’s Corn Maze, and this weekend is the last weekend of the season to check it out. 

Flickr Creative Commons

This year's maze will be every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 27, 2013.
Fridays 4-9 p.m.
Saturdays Noon – 9 p.m.
Sundays Noon – 6 p.m.
Wind your way through acres of corn, view the design from two 15-foot tall illuminated bridges that overlook the giant Corn Maze, and watch the delight as younger children find their way through a mini-maze designed just for them. Hayrides and pony rides will be available for an additional cost. An array of food vendors will offer some of your favorite fall foods, including freshly squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes, hotdogs and kettle corn.

Find out more about the corn maze, here
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Popular Baby Name Website Releases Most Popular Baby Names for 2013 So Far
If you have a baby on the way, you're probably thinking of names. So, what are the most popular baby names for 2013 so far? Well the popular, has compiled a list of the most popular baby names for 2013 so far. 

Flickr Creative Commons

Nameberry is out with their lists of the top baby names for 2013 so far


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Picture of Injured Army Ranger Saluting From His Hospital Bed Goes Viral
If a picture can say a thousand words, this one might say a million. A picture of an Army Ranger that was injured in Afghanistan is seen saluting after he received a Purple Heart medal while still in a hospital bed

Photo Courtesy, video capture from 

His bandaged right arm is raised in what we now know is a salute.

His face is mostly obscured, but the photo captures details like the color of the patient’s hair, the shadow of what appears to be a large bruise on his left cheek and a Purple Heart medal pinned to the quilt.

The patient is Cpl. Joshua Hargis. His wife, Taylor, calls him Josh. The photo has been shared thousands of times since Taylor posted it to her Facebook page nearly a week after he was injured during a military operation in Afghanistan that killed four troops and injured 14.

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Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds According to the American Kennel Club

Most of us will say our dog is cute, maybe even clever, but your dog might even be one of the top ten smartest dog breeds, at least according to a recent list from the American Kennel Club. They were asked to list the ten smartest dog breeds. 

Kevin Mussman, KOSI 101.1

Now we know every dog is different, and mixed-breeds are some of the smartest, so we want to mention them up front. If you have a mixed breed (or any breed!) that's great at a certain task, we'd love to hear about it in the comments. 

1. Border Collie
Known as the workaholic of the dog world and prized for its intelligence and working ability, the Border Collie excels at agility. Border Collies have extraordinary instinct and need a job to do in order to be happy.

2. German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is extremely smart at police work. They are well-known to be the world's leading police, military,and guard dog. They're also loyal and dependable.

3. Bloodhound
Bloodhounds are the best at trailing. They are often used in police work and search and rescue. Their scenting abilities are so exceptional that a Bloodhound's mantrailing results are permissible in court.

Is your dog on the list? Click here to see the full list of the 10 smartest dog breeds. 
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"Boo at the Zoo" Scares Up Family Fun at the Denver Zoo
It's a Denver tradition now and it's coming up soon! Get ready for 'Boo at the Zoo' at the Denver Zoo

KOSI 101.1

The 29th annual Boo At The Zoo will be held October 26-27 at the zoo during normal hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is included with regular zoo admission. Young goblins, ghosts, princesses and zooperheros will experience child-friendly trick or treating while enjoying magic shows and wild animal encounters in Denver Zoo’s 80 acres of animal habitats, home to more than 3,600 animal residents. Kids can get up close and personal with creepy, Halloween creatures like vampire bats, spiders and reptiles.

New this year is Goliath, a giant talking pumpkin that will tell jokes and interact with visitors. Zookeepers will give talks about creatures ranging from the spooky, like spiders and Komodo dragons, to the not so spooky, like great apes and sea lions. Also, at random times throughout the park, zookeepers will give Halloween-themed enrichment to various animals, such as pumpkins to stomp and food disguised as ghosts to eat.
[ Denver Zoo

Find out more about this spooky, fun event and get tickets at

KOSI 101.1 will be there again this year! 
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Haunted In Denver: Are There Ghosts at the Tivoli Brewery Site? [VIDEO]
Many locals have heard rumblings of ghosts and other hauntings at the Tivoli Brewery site in Denver. It caught the attention of the television show "Ghost Adventures,' a few years ago. So, is the Tivoli site really haunted? 

Flickr Creative Commons

The Tivoli's haunted history
The Tivoli also has a history of ghost stories. I have talked to some of the maintenance people myself. They say that they are afraid to be alone in the building at night. One of them told me about a construction crew he worked with. They said that they had heard strange noises and felt watched Even though they were tough guys, they were also afraid to be alone at night in the building.
One of the common haunting stories in the Tivoli is of a little girl that is seen running around the hallways. Some believe it to be the ghost of a little girl who died in a house that was located where one of the wings of the building is now. Others think that she could be Moritz Sigi’s daughter. She might have enjoyed running around the brewery, and continues to do so to this day as a discarnate spirit.
[ Examiner

WATCH: Haunted Denver Tivoli Ghosts Interview

What rumblings have you heard about places in Denver being haunted?
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WATCH: Dog Gets Ultimate Shaming for Causing Trouble [VIDEO]
Does your dog chase the vacuum, unroll the toilet paper, try to eat food on the table, or jump on a freshly made bed? This dog got shamed on video, and it's pretty cute. 

Get a $5 Coupon for Canyon Creek Ranch

You've heard me talking about how much my little Jasmine loves Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Food and you can save $5 on a bag of Canyon Creek Ranch so your dog can try the all-natural food pets WANT to eat. From beef to chicken to salmon, their is a recipe your dog is sure to love. The coupons are limited, so get your $5 coupon at and get to Petco to get a bag of Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Food. 
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Lakewood High School Named Finalist for Katy Perry Concert
Congratulations to Lakewood High School! They were named as a finalist in a contest to bring Katy Perry to their school for a concert. Tuesday morning, Lakewood High School got a visit from Good Morning America! 

The school is among the top 5 finalists throughout the country.
More than 2,000 LHS students participated in the lip-dub video, sung to Perry's hit song "Roar."
More than 520,000 people have watched the video on Vimeo, and 180,000 people have watched the video on YouTube in the past two weeks.
If Lakewood wins, a live concert by the chart-topping artist will be held at the school on Oct. 25 and will be broadcast on ABC's Good Morning America.
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FREE Samples of Canyon Creek Ranch Pet Food at Petco In Highlands Ranch Saturday
You've heard me talking about the all-natural pet food that pets WANT to eat and how much my beagle, Jasmine love Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Food and Saturday you can get a FREE sample bag while supplies last! 

I will at Petco in Highlands Ranch, just southeast of 470 and Santa Fe, this Saturday (October 5, 2013) from 10 a.m. to Noon with free samples of Canyon Creek Ranch so your pet can try it. Canyon Creek Ranch is formulated without any corn, wheat, or soy, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are added. It's the healthy all-natural pet food, pets WANT to eat and it's packed with vitamins and minerals. 

I love that the first ingredient in every recipe is the protein, from chicken, beef, turkey or salmon!

Jasmine LOVES Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Food so much she cleans the bowl up in no time.


Stop by with your dog(s) and see me at Petco in Highlands Ranch, (1265 Sgt Jon Stiles Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129) from 10 a.m. to Noon this Saturday. Get there early because this is only while supplies last! We will also have coupons for Canyon Creek Ranch and I think my little Jasmine will be joining me too!
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The Miracle Marathon 2013 Is On To Help Children's Hospital Colorado
This morning I complete my first mile in the Miracle Marathon 2013 benefiting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically the Children's Hospital Colorado. My beagle, Jasmine to our morning stroll through the Cherry Hills Village neighborhood and logged almost 2 miles to kick-off the first day of my journey. 

What is the Miracle Marathon 2013 and how can you help?

I am on a mission to get out, get moving and save kids' lives, and I need your help! 
I have joined the Miracle Marathon journey, and throughout October I will not only be moving for 27.2 miles, but also raising funds for my Children's Miracle Network Hospital. 
Since a traditional marathon is 26.2 miles, Miracle Marathon adds a special touch by adding one more mile "for the kids." Over the course of 27 days, we are going to complete one mile per day by walking, running, dancing, skipping or just moving to reach that goal. It's a marathon - plus an extra mile - for the kids! 
[ Miracle Marathon 2013, Kevin Mussman ]

Here is the map of my morning stroll through the Denver Tech Center and Cherry Hills Village area. 

Kevin Mussman, KOSI 101.1

Want to give or join the team? My Miracle Marathon Page has all the information you need. 
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