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Posts from November 2013

Website Will Calculate Your Thanksgiving Meal Calories
I'm not sure I want to know, but I though I would share. An website will count your Thanksgiving meal calories for you and let us know how much walking we need to do to burn those calories. 

Flickr Creative Commons

Use the Thanksgiving calorie calculator to total your Thanksgiving feast calories and see how far you must walk in steps, miles and kilometers to walk it off.


Want to add up your Thanksgiving meal calories, visit the website here
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Denver Zoo Welcomes Two Maned Wolves [PICTURES & VIDEO]
The Denver Zoo has welcomed two new Maned wolves that look a little bit like foxes. 

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo visitors will now notice a couple of new, young maned wolves in the Wolf Pack Woods exhibit. The two youngsters are now exploring the yard for the first time this weekend after arriving from other zoos. The energetic, red-haired pair is made up of male, Inigo, and female, Adrianna. Visitors can see them bounding about their area now, weather permitting.

Denver Zoo

Inigo comes from Texas' Abilene Zoo, where he was born in December 2011. Adrianna comes from Springfield, Missouri's Dickerson Park Zoo, but was born at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, near Glen Rose, Texas in February 2012. They both arrived at Denver Zoo this September and spent the last couple months behind-the-scenes clearing a mandatory quarantine period, getting to know their new home and each other.


Maned wolves resemble red foxes with long legs. Despite their reddish coloring and general appearance they are not related to foxes and despite their name, they are not members of the wolf family. The maned wolf is the largest wild dog of South America. 

[ Denver Zoo

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Denver Zoo Teams Up With Sniffer Beagle To Determine If Polar Bear Is Pregnant
Is Cranbeary, the polar bear at the Denver Zoo pregnant? Well, maybe! Could a dog have the answer to that question? Well, yes, a beagle, named Elvis, might be able to help determine if a polar bear is pregnant! 

Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo hopes that 11-year-old polar bear, Cranbeary may be expecting. 

Denver Zoo
Worldwide, traditional methods of pregnancy detection, such as progesterone monitoring and ultrasound examination, are not effective at diagnosing pregnancy in polar bears. So scientists at Cincinnati Zoo's Center for Conservation & Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) have gotten creative. In collaboration with professional dog trainer, Matt Skogen, owner of Iron Heart High Performance Working Dogs and a beagle named Elvis, CREW is trying to determine if the sensitive noses of canines can distinguish a pregnant polar bear from a non-pregnant bear simply by smelling fecal samples. 

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Zoo, Elvis
Over the next two weeks, Elvis will be testing and double-testing samples to come up with predictions for this cubbing season. 
[ Denver Zoo
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