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Denver Zoo Celebrates The Birth Of Two Clouded Leopard Cubs [PICTURES]
There are two new babies at the Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of two clouded leopard cubs which were born March 14, the first births of their species at the Zoo. The unnamed cubs, a male and a female, are doing well now after zookeepers began steps to hand-raise them. Their mother, Lisu (LEE-soo), gave birth to the cubs in a private birthing stall inside Toyota Elephant Passage, but did not then tend to them.

Denver Zoo

Zookeepers will hand raise the twin cubs due to mother’s inexperience

After a few hours, zookeepers moved the cubs to another building and began a protocol to provide food and medicine every three hours for the time being. The cubs will remain behind-the-scenes until they grow older.

[ Denver Zoo
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Denver Zoo Staff Helps Save The Life Of A Newborn Tamandua [PICTURES]
A newborn baby at the Denver Zoo is alive, thanks to the amazing efforts of the Zoo staff and veterinarians! 

Photo: Denver Zoo

On March 7, Southern tamandua Rio gave birth to her first offspring, believed to be female, whom keepers have named Cayenne. Unfortunately, Rio left the baby unattended within the first 24 hours and was not allowing her to nurse. Staff stepped in to give supplementary feedings day and night while monitoring the baby’s condition. They continued to give Rio time to bond with and nurse her baby, and Rio is slowly learning her role as a mother. Little by little, Rio is becoming more accustomed to Cayenne behind-the-scenes at the Zoo’s Gates Animal Housing Center.

Photo: Denver Zoo

“We knew from our conversations with experts at other zoos that it can take a new tamandua mother a while to develop maternal instincts, and first births of this species typically have low success rates,” says Denver Zoo Education Animal Programs Manager Kristin Smith. “We were determined, though, to make sure this baby would survive while Rio figured out how to be a good mom.”

[ Denver Zoo ]
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WATCH: Kevin Bacon Explains The 80's To Millennials
The 1980's, best decade ever? Many of us might say so, at least the music is amazing, and how about fashion? How fun were mullets and feathered bangs? Well, Actor Kevin Bacon decided to explain the best decade ever to the younger generation, being called 'millennials' that didn't get to experience it first-hand.



WATCH: Kevin Bacon Explains the '80s to Millennials


The White Pages, Rubik's Cube, BlockBuster video, "Gremlins" and the Cold War are all seamlessly invoked by "The Following" star -- also an '80s icon for his lead role in 1984's "Footloose."

"You have no idea how hard it was," he says. But he does, man, because he was there. Watch and learn.

Bacon, star of many large-ensemble films, also appeared Saturday on a panel at SXSW in Austin, Texas, revisiting the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon phenomenon 20 years after its inception, relating it to today's social media. With him was Brian Turtle, who created the game with two friends, according to CNET.

[ LA Times

Don't forget to enjoy your green beer this weekend and enjoy an 'I Love the 80's Weekend' on KOSI 101.1! You bring the green beer, KOSI will bring the awesome 80's music! 
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Denver Dumb Friends League Celebrates Mardi Gras With Cat Special
Are you thinking about a new four-legged friend? Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and the Denver Dumb Friends League is celebrating with Fat Cat Tuesday at the Dumb Friends League, offering a waived adoption fee for cats 10 pounds and over!

Dumb Friends League

Fat Cat Tuesday at the Dumb Friends League 
Mardi Gras is next Tuesday and the Dumb Friends League is encouraging pet lovers to indulge in a Big Beautiful Feline as part of a one-day “Fat Cat Tuesday” adoption special. 

Adoption fees for all cats 10 pounds and over will be waived on Tuesday, March 4. Adopters who take home a plus-size cat will also receive a free bag of Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight® cat food and tips on how to get their new feline friend to a healthy weight.

Feline obesity is a real problem in the United States, with overweight cats outnumbering those of a normal weight, and it can lead to various medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. The Dumb Friends League’s goal is not to make light of it, but rather to highlight larger cats so they’ll be able find loving families that can help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

All pet adoptions from the Dumb Friends League include spay/neuter services, a microchip identification implant, initial vaccinations and a free office visit with a participating veterinarian. To view all pets currently available for adoption, visit 

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