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New Study Says Organic Foods Are Not Necessarily Healthier

Many people are buying organic food and drinks, the sales of organic goods has increased from about $1 billion in 1990 to about $30 million last year, according to information from 9NEWS. A new study says that organic might not mean “healthier” though.

"What we've gotten from this is good, solid evidence that organic produce is not necessarily superior in terms of safety or nutrition," says UH Case Medical Center clinical dietitian Lisa Cimperman.

[ 9NEWS ]

MS-R / Michael S-R, Flickr Creative Commons

Many consumers opt for organic though because organic foods are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, however the study points out that the organic food isn't’t necessarily more nutritious.

Do you buy organic? Why or why not? Share your comments below.

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09/04/2012 11:59AM
New Study Says Organic Foods Are Not Necessarily Healthier
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