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Posts from September 2012

What The Colors Of Your Job Interview Clothes Convey
 What The Colors Of Your Job Interview Clothes Convey from

Research has shown that 85 percent of communication is nonverbal, so choosing what to wear to an interview is clearly an important part of your overall presentation. It won’t make up for weak answers, but it can communicate some positive things about your personality and what you might be like to work with.

Here's what some common colors convey so you can put them to best use when getting dressed for the job interview:

Blue: You can't go wrong with darker shades of blue, especially navy. Choosing from this powerful spectrum will project an image of someone who is in control. From the interviewer's point of view, the color blue conjures up calm, stability, trust, truth, confidence and security. These are all great messages to send without saying a word.

Gray: After blue, gray is the second most popular color to wear for an interview. Like darker blue, it’s not a distracting color to the interviewer, which means they’ll be focused more on what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Gray denotes sophistication, so use it to your advantage.

Black: This is a commanding color and represents authority. Black also connotes drama, so use it carefully when putting together your interview outfit. You may want to use it as an accent -- like in a scarf or tie, for instance -- rather than as the primary color.

Red: This is an extremely powerful color. It's so strong you should only use it as an accent color. Reds are associated with energy, passion, desire, power and aggression. People think of intensity and passion when they see the color red, so use it sparingly, or it could send the wrong message to the interviewer.

White: White shirts and blouses are always a safe bet. It sends the message of simplicity, cleanliness, precision and goodness.
In this very competitive job market, give yourself every opportunity to shine in the interview. Knowing what job interview clothes to wear makes a statement about who you are. Choosing the right colors will reinforce that positive impression.
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WHAT?? WHY?? Bagel Head
Taboo IX: ep 908 Extreme Bodies_8095_037383
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The Vampire Facelift

What do you think about this?
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Cute shoes I found at Republic Shoes
What do you think?  Love these shoes I found at Republic Shoes...they are cute and comfy!
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7 Fashion Myths Debunked

7 Fashion Myths Debunked from

MYTH: No Minis on Women over 35 TRUTH: All it takes is a peek at Gwyneth Paltrow's legs in her Preen dress to dispel this fallacy. If you've got the gams, go for it! Just stick to understated silhouettes and “simple hair and makeup.”

MYTH: Save the Sequins for After Dark TRUTH: The shimmery fabric is eye-catching for day when layered with plain basics. Rachel Bilson dressed down a sparkling mini with an oxford shirt, both from designer Jenni Kayne. I think sequins are my favorite fabric because they are glamorous, but I think they also work for day" The designer recommends keeping "the silhouettes simple and easy.

MYTH: Showing Skin Isn't Sophisticated TRUTH: On the right dress, a well-placed peekaboo is a sly surprise. Plenty of confidence. A dress shouldn't own you. It shouldn't overpower you. You should own it

MYTH: Long Dresses Aren't for Short Women TRUTH: Petites need not fear the maxidress trend—Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson and Kristen Bell have all mastered the summery style. Just choose a dress in a light fabric, like Bell's sheer silk gown from Jenni Kayne, to avoid adding bulk, and wear with comfortable, height-adding wedges.

MYTH: Avoid Clashing Colors TRUTH: An unexpected color combination can make a major statement.

MYTH: Don't Wear Light Shoes with Dark Stockings TRUTH: Black tights get extra chic when worn with a pair of eye-popping pumps. Sarah Jessica Parker gave her minidress a downtown spin with opaque tights and pale pink heels. Keep the "Sex and the City" star's immaculate shoes in mind when picking your kicks—all eyes will be drawn downward so be wary of scuffs.

MYTH: Leather Dresses Are Only for Biker Chicks TRUTH: You don't have to be a Whitesnake fan to rock a leather frock. Just choose a knee-length dress or skirt and add a tailored jacket or shirt for an urbane twist.

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Can you join me?
Save money, shop with girlfriends and win prizes...hope you can join me!!
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Tricks to look taller....



8 Tricks To Looking Taller from

Wear High-Waisted Bottoms

Pair Neutral Shoes with Bare Legs

Choose V-Neck Necklines

Go for Matchy-Mmatchy (wearing a neutral shoe with a dark pant won't do you any favors)

Scale Your Accessories to Your Size

Stick with Smaller Prints

Make Monochrome Looks (It's not just dramatic and sorta Sophia Loren-y glamorous: head-to-toe color also boosts your height)

Opt for Vertical Stripes, not Horizontal

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Fashion's Night Out Cherry Creek North [PICTURES]
I had a wonderful time last night emceeing "FASHION'S NIGHT OUT CHERRY CREEK NORTH"  The models were beautiful and fashions were amazing.  Here's a sneak peek of what to expect this fall....enjoy!




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Are you the modern day Cinderella??
In honor of Disney’s global release of the classic animated masterpiece “Cinderella”, which will be available in Blu-ray™ Diamond Edition on October 2, 2012, Walt Disney Studios, in collaboration with Christian Louboutin and Glam Media, today reveal details of their national quest to find a modern-day Cinderella. One lucky woman whose style and fashion sense best embodies the Cinderella fairytale will ultimately be awarded with a pair of original Cinderella slippers re-imagined by world-renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin during a private event at Disneyland, CA taking place on September 27th.
The national search begins on September 4 and encourages women, 18 and over, to submit their ultimate Cinderella look on Facebook to vie for a chance to win the magical shoe.  To be eligible, entrants should take a picture of the ideal outfit in their closet which portrays a look to match the Cinderella-inspired slippers re-imagined by Christian Louboutin.  Next step - Upload it to Facebook by the stroke of midnight on September 11, 2012 for a chance to win. 
For the Official Rules and to enter the contest, please visit
Submissions will begin on September 4 and run through September 11. Entrants must be female, 18 and over, be a US size 7 or 8 women’s shoe, available for travel September 26-28, and must reside in the United States.  The winners will be selected on or around September 17 by Disney and perhaps even by Christian Louboutin himself! The winner plus a guest will be invited to Disneyland where they be given a special princess “make-over” and officially get “fit” with the shoes.
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Fashions Night Out
I hope you can join me tomorrow night for this great event!!  We will start at Mariel in Cherry Creek, come shop :)
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