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From insights on the latest styles to gossip on celebrity fashionto easy tips and tricks to make your look exciting and affordable, Style Fyle has it all. Check it out below!
Posts from January 2013

Fashion Show & Swap..

This is really a fun event, I hope you can join me Thursday night!!
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Symphony in Stones Jewelry
LOVE this jewelry...check it out!
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Salon Hair Dry at Home...
I would love to have my hair washed and style everyday, but who can afford that??  I asked my friends at Posh the Salon here in Denver to give me the salon secrets.

1.  Start with clean wet hair.

2.  Add product if your hair is limp. 
We suggest root boost and volume spray.
If your hair is curly we suggest a smoothing cream.

3. Begin by getting all the moisture out using a vent brush.  Push the hair in every direction, working the root area, straightening it and then move to the ends and mid shaft getting 75% moisture out of hair.

4.  Grab your round brush.  Section your hair.  Start with the back and worn your way to the front.  When you get to the top, over direct the crown by pulling hair towards you.  This will give you a lift.

5.  When you are finished, add finishing cream of choice but remember, the less product you use and the less you touch your hair, the longer your blow dry will last.


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Moisturizing Jeans

 Wrangler is launching a new line of moisturizing jeans. They will come in Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs and are designed to prevent cellulite. The $136 jeans contain natural oils, butters, apricot kernel oil, passion fruit oil, rosehip oil, shea butter and monoi de Tahiti. The effects of the ingredients last up to 15 days, but a reload spray will also available to buy - meaning that the formula lasts between 67 and 95 wears. Spokesmodel Lizzie Jagger says, "They definitely feel cooler than regular jeans. After a day wearing them, my legs feel great - they come out feeling more silky than usual."


from friends at
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Clothing Banned from Office....

Do you agree?


Clothing That Should Be Banned From The Office Because It's Too Distracting Or Unprofessional from a British Heart Foundation survey

Hotpants - 50%

Sheer blouse - 41%

Miniskirt - 39%

Low cut top - 38%

Crocs - 36%

Anything with leopard or animal print - 33%

Slogan t-shirts - 32%

UGG boots - 26%

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Julianne Hough's Golden Globe Hair....
How to get Julianne Houghs edgy fauxhawk that she wore last night The Golden Globes

I fell in love with Julianne's red carpet faux hawk from Golden Globes and wanted to figure out how to style at I went to the masters, the girls at Salon Posh here in Denver. Here are the secrets to get this cute look...

1.) Start by "rough" blow drying the hair dry, and use a round brush on top to get lots of volume.

2.) Tease the crown and add "dry shampoo" rather than "hair spray".
Hair spray makes it too crunchy!

3.) To create the "fauxhawk" twist back 2 sections from the teased crown.
Cross pin the hair in place back and forth, left and right.
This holds the hair in place.

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Hits and misses from Globes red carpet

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What A Woman Will Own....

What A Woman Will Own Over The Course Of Her Lifetime from

- 620 dresses

- 434 pairs of shoes

- 1,116 tops

- 558 pairs of pants

- 372 sweaters

- 248 coats

- 310 skirts

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Drinking APP shows how alcohol ages you


(CNN) -- If you're the kind of gal whose "me time" includes a glass or two of wine after work, you might want to consider how those drinks could affect your looks.

That's part of the message of the Scottish government's Drop a Glass Size Campaign, which specifically "encourages women to think about the health effects of regularly drinking above the recommended alcohol guidelines."

Now there's a mobile app that aims to drive that point home on a more personal level.

This week, the campaign rolled out its "Drinking Mirror" app, which lets users upload photos of themselves to show how their faces could age if they keep imbibing at their current rate. The app is available only for Android-powered devices, although government spokeswoman said an iPhone version will be out shortly. A Web version is also available.

The campaign's Drink Smarter website shows a picture of a woman to demonstrate how the drinking mirror works, along with a warning that "deeper wrinkles, red cheeks and weight gain" are just some of the visible effects of regular heavy drinking.

Overall, the campaign aims to make people aware of the fine line between social drinking and drinking too much, especially when people drink in the home. Men are not excluded from the conversation. A page devoted to "drinking like a man" warns that men who have more than five drinks a day are twice as likely to die of a stroke, and that having a beer belly can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and cancer.

Men and women can use the app by uploading or taking photos of themselves and entering data about their drinking habits. Then, to show the potential long-term physical toll of drinking, the app shows them a photo of how they might look in 10 years at their current rate of alcohol consumption.

Even though the campaign states that "men drink more on average than women" and "suffer more ill effects as a result," it's targeted to women in an effort to play on their vanity, said a Scottish government spokeswoman who asked not to be named.

"In Scotland, we have a troubled relationship with alcohol," she said. "We're focusing on women to try a different approach."

Past government campaigns in Scotland have targeted both genders, but research shows that women in particular "are often unaware or slightly confused about what sensible drinking guidelines are," she said.

"With any public health campaign, it's crucial to target it to specific demographic. It can be an age group, a gender or people with specific risk factors," said health writer and body image expert Leslie Goldman, who has a master's in public health from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

She pointed out that men and women can use the app and that the Drink Smarter website offers information and resources for both genders.

So how much booze is too much?

On a daily basis, it's more than two to three drinks (about a 175 ml glass of 13% wine) for women and three to four drinks (equivalent to a pint and a half of 4% beer) for men. About 38% of Scottish women and 49% of men exceed the daily recommended limit each week, according to government statistics.

"Women don't really accept that the amount of alcohol they're drinking is excessive," the spokeswoman said. "Women are very receptive when you talk about calories in a glass of wine, and people don't always make the association between alcohol and calories."

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