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July 2015

HealthONE knows emergencies don’t wait and neither should you.  The HealthONE Family of Hospitals offers you and your family convenient ways to find the closest HealthONE ER and average wait times.  We’re close, we’re fast and we accept all major insurance plans including Medicare!  Just text “ER” to 23000 and receive information right away about the ER wait times closest to you or click here to find the nearest ER to you.

HealthONE Denver ERs
HealthONE has 12 full-service emergency departments in the Denver metro area, so you’re certain to find an ER that is close to home and able to address your concerns quickly. Our emergency rooms are open 24/7 and provide board-certified physicians, so you can get quick access to high-quality emergency medical care quickly.

Emergency Room Care / Denver ERs
The Medical Center of Aurora
Saddle Rock ER 
Centennial Medical Plaza
North Suburban Medical Center
North Suburban Northeast ER
North Suburban Northwest ER
Presbyterian / St. Luke's Medical Center
Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL
Rose Medical Center
Sky Ridge Medical Center
Swedish Medical Center
Swedish Southwest ER

When To Go To An ER
If you feel like your life is in danger, please call 911 immediately.

All of us experience changes in our bodies that make us question when should we seek emergency care. The information in these pages provides guidance about some of the most common symptoms and when these symptoms might require a visit to the ER.
Symptoms and ER Visits. Click here for more information 


Click a symptom below to read about when it might require an ER visit: 
•    Abdominal Pain
•    Back Pain
•    Bites (dog and insect)
•    Bleeding
•    Chest Pain
•    Cough or Sore Throat
•    Dizziness
•    Fever
•    Headache
•    Mood Changes
•    Rashes
•    Weakness

Emergency Rooms for Kids
RMHC's pediatric Emergency Room (ER) doctors and staff are available throughout the Denver metro area including 24/7, full-service emergency care at RMHC at Presbyterian/St. Luke's. Our child-friendly, emergency rooms are closer than you think.
All ER doctors have special training in concussion and access to services from the RMHC Center for Concussion. The pediatric ERs focus on highly effective pain management for children’s injuries and close communication with the child’s primary care doctor.
Click Here for more information 

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