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Workplace Pet Peeves

We all have certain things that get on our nerves and the workplace is full of pet peeve behavior. Here's a list of some of the most annoying things your co-workers (and maybe even you) are guilty of. 

Stealing items from the fridge
We've all taken a squirt of this, or a drop of that, but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. We're all adults here so grow up. If it's not yours, hands off! 

Bathroom Conversations

It's the one place you can take a break and be alone with your thoughts at work...or so you thought. It's awkward enough being stall-to-stall with a co-worker, then throw in their incessant banter about how they can't believe it's Thursday and your relative peace is shot. Save the convos for outside the washroom. 

The dreaded "see below.." email
While you may be saving yourself time, you're creating more work for the recipient. By sending an email and forcing the recipient to scroll through past conversations to find the part that relates to him or her, you're wasting their time and coming off as rude. At the very least, give the recipient a one sentence summary of the email, so they can find what it is they need to do and get it done. 

Constant, loud or smelly eating
We're human beings, we need to eat...but there are certain guidelines one should abide by at work. Don't be the person who is constantly chowing down at their desk. It's distracting and can take away from other's productivity. Same goes for loud eaters. By all means, bring chips and enjoy them, but keep your mouth closed and minimize the loud wrappers and sucking soda straw noises coming from your cubicle. Be cautious of the odors you bring into your environment come lunchtime. Everyone hates when "Dan" brings his salmon sandwich to work and eats it at his desk. For the sake of workplace morale, hold the fish and onions Monday - Friday. 
Company wide emails
This is a slippery slope, but all of these pointers should be givens.
  • Tip #1: An email that only involves a small percentage of the office DOES NOT need to include the entire company.
  • Tip #2: Everyone at the company does not care about the charity you are raising money for with your bike race this weekend. If it doesn't pertain to business, there's no need for everyone from the CEO to the interns to have to read it.
  • Tip #3: Don't Reply All with a meaningless response like "Thanks!"...send that directly to the person you mean it for. 
Clipping nails
There are many things that are appropriate to do in public, this isn't one of them. Save your filing and clipping for your house. And don't even think about painting your nails at work!


Personal Hygiene
It's a wonder how you got a job while forgoeing the deodorant, but please take the time to shower or "freshen up" before you come to work. Don't punish the whole workplace with your laziness and lack of cleanliness. 

Not Replaceing Supplies
Don't reduce your co-workers to putting up semi-creative memes that say "You Kill the Jo, You Make Some Mo." It may not be in your job description, but as the last user of the printer or pourer of coffee, it's up to you to spread good office karma and re-fill the supplies! 



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