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Put Your Home or Office in a Snow Globe

It sure was nice weather for the 9NEWS Parade of Lights over the weekend in Downtown Denver, but I heard many people wishing for snow. Well, I found a way to put a little snow (at least in picture form) around your home or office for Christmas. It's a simple website where you enter your full address, and magically your home or office will appear in a snow globe, it looks so festive.


Here is the KOSI Office Building in a Snow Globe

Click here to go to the website and simple type in your complete address to see your house in the snow globe.

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12/03/2012 11:50AM
Put Your Home or Office in a Snow Globe
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12/04/2012 7:02AM
1030 cimmarron cir #104 aurora colorado 80011
I miss my lovely colorado
12/04/2012 7:06AM
Aurora meadows aparments
I miss my colorado
12/04/2012 7:07AM
Special gift
I llike it
12/04/2012 3:43PM
can you do it from your smart phone?
It won't let me. What's the actual website?
12/05/2012 11:57AM
response to smartphone question
I believe you have to do from a computer:
12/10/2012 9:06AM
What is the donation given WITHOUT asking?
12/10/2012 9:38AM
what is the donation given WITHOUT asking?
I want to give permission for any donating . Why wasn't I asked?
01/14/2013 3:39PM
No snow globe appears!
02/08/2013 11:48AM
What the hell was that "donation in my name" thing after the veiw? Have I been ripped off!!
02/25/2013 9:45AM
Good info
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02/25/2013 9:46AM
Good info
Very nice site!
12/07/2013 2:35PM
House in the snow
How can I retrieve the site to show a house in the snow?
12/22/2014 1:37AM
Put your Home in a snow globe,image.
I keep following the directions and getting sent to FCB Global that advertises Levi's, Nivea cream etc. It says nothing about putting in your address. Thank You,
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