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Denver Zoo Welcomes First Steller's Sea Eagle Chick, A Rare Occasion In U.S.

There is another new baby at the Denver Zoo, and this one is extra special, it's the first Steller’s sea eagle chick to be successfully reared at the Zoo! This is a rare occasion at all United State zoos and it happened right here in Denver. 

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is thrilled to welcome the first Steller’s sea eagle chick to be successfully reared at the Zoo. The unnamed chick, whose gender is still not known, hatched on March 4. The chick is currently nesting with and being brooded by its mother in Bird World, presented by Frontier Airlines. Look for the chick high in its nest, where guests can catch glimpses of the bird as he grows or check out closed circuit video clips on the Zoo’s website.

The chick’s birth is a somewhat rare occasion in the United States. Not many zoos exhibit or breed these remarkable raptors, but Denver Zoo maintains enough space to keep them comfortable. They also require an overall colder climate as their species is native to the western, coastal area of northern Russia.

Denver Zoo

About Steller’s Sea Eagles 

Steller’s sea eagles are the largest known eagles with average weights recorded between 15 and 18 pounds. They have large, bright yellow beaks; while their plumage is mostly dark brown or black, save for the white feathers on their upper wings, tails and thighs. Little is known about the species as their primary habitats in East Asia are fairly remote. The birds were named after German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller, who discovered the species during an Alaskan voyage in 1741.

[ Denver Zoo

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04/02/2014 12:09PM
Denver Zoo Welcomes First Steller’s Sea Eagle Chick, A Rare Occasion For U.S. Zoos
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