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MAD in the Mornings with MURPHY & DENISE
Weekdays 5am - 9am



Weekday mornings are MAD with Murphy & Denise!  With celebrity call-ins, experts on every subject, in-studio interviews, performances and just good old fun.  They have giveaways, contests, call-ins and so much more. Never be bored in the AM with M&D. PSST! – They also play excellent music for the drive to work…

CLICK HERE for our "MAD in the Morning" page. Everything M&D mention on the air is now here! The "7:10 Payoff", who was on the show today, links, M.A.D. Mom Mondays, our experts and more!

CLICK HERE for "Denise's Daily Dirt" audios... all the hot gossip from Hollywood!

STUDIO CALL-IN: 303-631-2101

The Stress-Free Drive Home with Jay Cruze
Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

Jay Cruze plays the best KOSI music to make your afternoon drive stress-free with lots of music, traffic updates with Jonathan Steele, weather updates with 9NEWS Meteorologist, Kathy Sabine and fun every weekday afternoon on KOSI 101.1! 



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