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Biebs & Selena On Again?
The rumor mills are going full tilt these days, with reports that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are once again a couple. US Weekly says they're spending some time together in Saint Martin. Want proof? Well, here's Selena's Instagram...
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Brain Freeze, Maybe?
A Peruvian author who lives in New Jersey is suing the folks at Disney for $250 million dollars, saying that stories, characters and plots in Frozen were stolen from her autobiographical works. Read that again: a movie featuring a woman with the power...
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Draking's a Good Thing?
Drake, the Canadian singer, got his start as Drake, the actor on the TV show, Degrassi. On the show, his character, Jimmy Brooks, was wheelchair-bound. So a couple in Toronto, after reminiscing about Degrassi one night and seeing some handicapped...
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Get Thee Behind Me in Line, Satan!
Nicholas Cage has a new movie coming out on Friday called Left Behind. It's about the people who aren't taken up in The Rapture. And a famous Biblical character wants you to see it. Or not. Producers released some posters over the weekend...
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And the Winner of the Lindsay Lohan Wannabe Award Is...
Amanda Bynes - another child actress who's having trouble becoming an adult - was arrested at 3 o'clock Sunday morning. According to the California Highway Patrol, she was "driving under the influence of a drug," Hers how they nabbed...
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Secet Service Grilling
Things aren’t looking too rosy for the Secret Service today, as the agency’s director will have to answer questions in a congressional hearing on White House security measures. This a day after it was revealed that the White House...
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Clinton Grandchild Arrives
Chelsea Clinton gave birth to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky last week, the first grandchild for former president Bill Clinton and possible future president, Hillary Clinton. The Clintons are simply delighted to be grandparents. In fact, Bill tweeted...
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Denzel Equalizes the Competition
Denzel Washington is back in the box office sweepstakes, and he's on top. Over the weekend, his new movie, The Equalizer grossed over $35 million. In it, Denzel plays a former special forces fighter who comes out of retirement to fight the...
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George & Amal Tie the Knot
In case you missed it, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin said their "I do's" in Italy over the weekend. It was a star-studded but low-key event that managed to basically shut down Venice - but what a wonderful backdrop for the wedding...
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Doo Wop or Do Not?
I think I'm getting tired of Jimmy Fallon presuming to sing with icons from the music industry. It started a couple of weeks ago when Jimmy sang on The Tonight Show with Barbra Streisand in her first TV appearance in decades. Last week, he sat...
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